Friday, 18 June 2010

No 2.....

We are getting there slowly but surely folks! Here is Number 2 in by countdown of my (current) top 5 Hair Styling Products.

It is Smoothing Lusterizer by Tigi S Factor:

What is this product for Jayne, do tell!? I hear you all cry. Well as you can see, the tag line on the bottle itself is 'Defrizzer and Tamer'. Now I like my taming products as you all know by now, I have unruly frizzy curls and my mission in life if to achieve loose curl perfection. Admittedly, progress is slow but a product like this gives me an extra push along the way. describe this product: "This Lusterizer contains special moisture absorbing ingredients which help to reduce drying time resulting in a super glossy style in minimum time." 

It is a smooth light creamy formula, is not greasy or sticky, kind of somewhere in between. I was first introduced to this product by my hairdresser who was astonished at the affect it has on brunette hair as she is blonde. Mixed into the cream is a kind of shimmer/glitter. Now it's not in your face (or in you hair) sparkle, but what it does is very subtly adds a gorgeous shine and makes your both look and feel super healthy.

And just like the Foxy Curls, Lusterizer smells utterly divine. It is just like sweeties, not so much skittles, just very fruity and sweet. If you buy it for anything but smelling it then I'd say it's worth it!

Now there are two ways to apply to your hair. I have quite long hair, and I use a baked bean size amount, and rub it in the palm of my hands. It can be applied in wet hair to help smooth out whilst styling, or as I do in dry hair to help control those fly-aways and pesky ends.

There are so many places you can buy Tigi as I'm sure you are all aware. RRP's are always very high - for this it's £14.95 - which may put you off but have a shop around and you can get them at wholesale prices.

I recommend Gorgeous Shop who sell the Lusterizer for just £8.97 for 200ml. Remember, a little goes a long way!

Verdict: 5/5 - Lushness in a bottle. To be honest it could have been joint 1st, but I am saving confusion!

:o) xx 

NB. I purchased this item with my own money and all opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with Sleek and was not asked to review this item.

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  1. that's an interesting design for a bottle lol !! the product itself sounds promising though!! :)


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