Monday, 7 June 2010

Haul: All About Face

Always one for a bargain that's me, none of this experiment with a £15 eyeshadow lark! So whilst I was conducting my weekly food shop I decided to stop at the makeup I normally drift straight past to go for Maybelline, L'Oreal and Max Factor. It is the Tesco make up range All About Face.

One reason for always drifting past is the presentation. Poor poor poor. These poor little fellows don't get their own display case thing with lights and mirrors. Instead they are the poor cousin sat on hooks in their cheap little packets. On closer inspection, I had a little surprise. I thought, hey this stuff doesn't look so totally awful.

They have quite a vast range of products from concealers, foundations and bronzers, to lipsticks glosses and eyeshadows.

On this particular trip I honed in on the eyeshadows:

I got four shadows. From left to right they are Baby Doll, Buttermilk, Meadow and Heather. All very obvious names for shadows. They are individually packaged in a plastic wallet thing with all the ingredient info on the back of this packet. They are then each in a little clear plastic holder with a pan of shadow approx the size of a 50p piece. They sell for £1.50 each but I got mine on offer 4 for £3 - bargain!

Swatches below in the same order above:

As you can see they are very light, near pastel shades. They are have a light shimmer to them, no glitter. Finely milled and pressed well into the pan so they don't go everywhere when you swirl a brush. I figured these four were nice spring/summer shades, and they give a nice light look to my lids. I did find that they aren't great for building colour so really are just if you're looking for a hint of colour. I have not tried them wet yet.

There are other colours in the range including a nice teal and a turquoise and some browns which I may acquire on my next trip! May also have a look at their lip colours again.

They are priced the same range as ELF cosmetics but I would say that ELF are better quality and you have that cruelty-free guarantee but without doing research I can't be sure All About Face is - it certainly doesn't say on the packaging, only that it was made in China.

A great value range (most items are £1.50) where you don't have to go elsewhere for, just pick it up amongst your bread, milk and baked beans. Clubcard points too which you all know I love!

Anyone tried any of the other All About Face products?


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  1. I have some of these too. I think they are good for the price, really pigmented. I also own a bronzer and cream eyeshadow pencil from this range.

    I love a bargain!


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