Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Feel Good Sleek and ELF Fun

Apologies as what you are about to see are some photos of a fabulous extreme bluey oceany look taken with a not so fabulous iPhone camera due to lack of another camera.

I got bored one day and thought hey, lets muck around with what I've got, so I whipped out my Sleek i-Divine Original palette and looked to see what colours were there which I may not normally use. This is mainly blues, as I have brown eyes so it doesn't always work well.

I decided to vamp it up with some dark eyeliner and false lashes as well as all out shimmer and glitter.

Here are the products I used, specifically the main 3 Sleek colours used:

The deep blue outlined above went on first (after using my ELF primer of course) all over the lid and blended out at the crease. This was topped over with a Barry M Dazzle Dust number 65, a kind of blue/green iridescent colour. The sleek blue went on the lower lash line along with the purple and my ELF Studio liner/shadow stick. The Sleek green went just above my crease. I did winged eyeliner using ELF Studio cream eyeliner black and also L'Oreal Superliner Carbon Gloss. Finished off with Maybelline Falsies Mascara and a pair of Eylure lashes. Cheeks got a brush of ELF warm bronzer and a bright pink blush from the large ELF collection. I also used this blush to set my ELF Mineral Lipstick in Nicely Nude with ELF Hypershine Lipgloss in Fairy. Foundation was L'Oreal Matte Morphose set with ELF Mineral Booster and ELF Studio unereye highlighter and concealer set with Complexion Perfection.

Also sorry that I may have forgotten to smile!!! I was getting very fed up that I couldn't take a close up photo to show off all the shimmer and blueyness, ah well.

My boyfriend didn't like it, said the blue didn't suit me :o( ho hum, I liked it and although some may say this is not a wearable look.. well I so would again, I like extreme!!!!

Sleek from, ELF from

Both are very affordable brands of makeup, Sleek also in Superdrug, ELF online only.

NB. I am not affiliated with either company and all items* were bought with my own pennies. All opinions are my own.
(*except ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner sent for free to try out - see earlier blog, I'd have bought it anyway!!)


  1. Beautiful look and you're so pretty!! :)

  2. What does ya boyfriend know eh...I love it!

  3. It is really dark and shimmery and you just can't see it in these pics and that green is just so... green!!!!

    My wings are a bit poor but ah well. An ultimate bargain makeup look!!

  4. Oh I was about to say your wings look fantastic! I really like this and I think blue does go with brown (heh I do it all the time so it better go :P ) Lovely look m'dear! Xxx

  5. Love the look! And you sooo did suit the blue look. DO IT AGAIN! ;)

  6. Really brings your eyes out!! Wkd post. xx

  7. Ignore what your boyfriend said... I think it looks lovely! :) xx


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