Thursday, 17 June 2010

Woo Shopping trip: LOTD


The word that came to mind yesterday when I got home and realised I had spent quite a tidy sum of cash (which I don't really have to spare) on yet more unnecessary makeup.

Who am I kidding, most of what I have is unnecessary, but it sill doesn't stop me buying more!!

So I toddled off to the miniscule Boots and Superdrug in my town and lavished myself with goodies to preen and pamper.

I invested in the No 7 Hot Cloth Cleanser (LUSH by the way...), more rosewater, some sun lotion (Piz Buin BOGOF in Superdrug at the mo, bargain) and also some Girls Aloud Festival Lashes (will do a post with pics next week as they're real perdy).

And the following makeup items, all Sleek and MeMeMe which are my first goes at the brand...

The above is Sleek Cream to Powder Foundation; Shell, Sleek Revive Liquid Foundation; Shell, Sleek Kajal; Nocturnal, Sleek Volume & Curl; black, Sleek Pout Polish (after the freebie incident); Raspberry Souffle, MeMeMe Beat the Blues Highlighter; Moonbeam, MeMeMe Cheek'E Cream Blush; Pinki'E , MeMeMe Metallic Duo Eyeshadow; Earth Bound.

Today I had a fiddle with the new products. I simply cannot do the whole wait until you finish one before you start another lark (specifically foundation/mascara - I have about 7 of each on the go at the same time, all mood/day dependent).

I used the Cream to Powder foundation today, set with ELF's Mineral Booster, as well as their Undereye Concealer/Highlighter, and Eyebrown Treat and Tame (new found eyebrow love).

For the time being, as mentioned before, I'm having to use my iPhone for the pictures, which look OK when taken and even uploaded. Stick 'em on here and they are grainy and just pants. Cannot see the colour really as the blush is VERY pink, because I got a little apply-happy with it, and the Pout Polish is really pinky/purple, shame but hey ho.

Smile, duh...

Overall, very impressed with Sleek Mascara (review coming next), the Pout Polish which is very moisturisery and impressively lasting. Little let down by the MeMeMe eyeshadow, not very pigmented, quite difficult to build and nay happy I spent £5.50 on it. Will def not be repurchasing. The foundation was OK, little temperamental with a primer (I was prewarned by lovely ZebyK about this though) but I'd like to try it a bit more to give a proper opinion on it.

If anyone would like a further conflab about any of the purchased items let me know

:o) xx

NB All items were bought with my own money and all opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with any company mentioned and was not asked to review.


  1. Woohoo I got a mention! :P I can't believe we use the same shade! Maybe that's where I've been going wrong all my foundation life. You're so purdy :) Xxx

  2. Yes you did, deservedly so! It had to be shell, the next shade up was far too dark for me. Thanks a lot honey, although to be honest the first 2 photos I look weird as I'm trying not to squint! The sun was pouring through and was so bright I couldn't hold a pose in the right direction for very long, so have to out up with looking in pain instead! xxx


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