Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Blog Neglect: Diary of a Spendaholic

Hello everyone,

So it's been around 5 months since my last post I am ashamed to say, however there are reasons for this.

This sounds extremely pathetic (and ironic given my blog name), but I found I was spending excessive amounts of money on makeup and beauty products; money that I did not have to spare. As some of you know I bought my first house with my boyfriend in March this year, and I didn't seriously assess my spending, and it slowly spun out of control.

Around July/August time it hit me when I finally got to the end of my overdraft (albeit it's only £700 but I rarely went into it before I moved). To put it in perspective, my actual OCD boyfriend saves around £200 a month. Quite incredible and self-disciplined but hey, having OCD has its perks. I was spending maybe £250 on MYSELF. What a selfish bi-atch.

Anywho, this all relates to blog world as I found that reading about everyone else's shopping hauls and reviews of new products made me insanely jealous and all keep-up-with-the-Jones' so I was spending more and more the more I read about stuff. And of course loving what I was reading about those products and wanting to buy them.

I decided to stop blogging, and to avoid as little makeup-related stuff as possible. I haven't been completely brilliant and have still made purchases for myself - there have been a couple of ELF purchases which I made with boyfriend's knowledge which I am actually ashamed of! Like a naughty child sneaking into the biscuit barrel!!

On the whole my spending has significantly reduced through my own willpower but I found it still wasn't as little as it ought to be so that I can pay off my debt (overdraft, credit card and a Littlewoods account). After a stupid vets bill, stupid car tax and stupid car insurance I didn't budget for, I realised I couldn't carry on by myself. I spilled (almost) all the beans on my troubles and my boyfriend kindly gave me some dosh from the savings (building up for a new bathroom - water and cracks are driving his head nuts... damp in wall...wall rots... wall falls down... house collapses... life as we know it is over). In return I forced him to have my debit card so I can no longer make those impromptu little spending trips down Tesco and Superdrug, or the sandwich and Monster Munch binge on night shifts :)

As a result, I am spending nothing but petrol out of my account. Been doing it for 2weeks and haven't bought makeup for well over a month. And I feel proud of myself.

I realise how incredibly ridic and stupid all this sounds, and it's not the worse debt anyone has ever had, but it was straining my relationship. I am pleased to say I now feel confident to return to a world I do miss, and all those lovely ladies :) 

I see this post as one of my final steps (bit like AA meets whereby they write the apology letters to those they've hurt, explaining why and what they've done). Next step will be proving I can control my spending.

Next step: weight loss. Now there's a saga....

I thank everyone who has offered me words of advice and support, I know I can rely on you for your understanding as well.

Jayne x x x

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  1. I know what you mean, just got to try and be good! :)


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