Monday, 7 June 2010

No 3 of very long winded countdown of products...

Yes Number 3 in the ra ra ra you know what I'm chatting about, and it's Garnier Fructis Style Bamboo Flexihold hairspray.

As you can see I use the number 4 strength 'Volume and Hold' as I either have curly hair which needs to stay that way or back combing which needs to stay back combed.

A common complaint about hairspray is the smell. A lot are pongy, too chemically and just down right ming. I personally hate the smell of L'Oreal Elnette. Shocking, I know. This however smells lush, little bit fruity, bit bambooey and all very natural-esque.

On the can it describes this particular spray as having 'Flexible style; bounces back into place". It also has something about having up to 24hr hold. I'd imagine that were true if you put half a can on, didn't touch your hair and didn't move for that length of time. At all. It's good Garnier but it ain't that good!

If you put tonnes of spray on of course you will get a little bit of solid hair, but apply it generously (which everyone knows is a little bit less than tonnes) and you get a nice soft natural looking hold to your hair.

There are other varieties of this hair spray available, with different hold levels and different hold types. It is available in Supermarkets and drugstores for around £2.30-£2.50.

Verdict: 4/5


  1. I'm not a hairspray person (actually I rarely use any hairstyling products), but the smell of this sounds to be great!! :)

  2. It's lovely as it's not an over powering traditional hairspray smell, it's pleasant which is a bonus. My hair isn't great at keeping it's volume so this helps a bunch :)


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