Wednesday, 19 May 2010

AT LONG LAST!!!!! No 4!!

Here it is, the first post in 2 and half months! Moving and lack of internet then no time really puts a stick in blogging..

Any who, in my countdown of Top 5 Styling products, that are all affordable and aren't some obscure-never-be-able-to-get-down-Tesco's-ish-ever product. Except this one.

I can't get my No 4 item Tigi Foxy Curls Contour Cream from a supermarket unfortunately. But internet is just as good except the lack of clubcard points.

I love this cream. I have tried numbers of curl-enhancing products to tame my unruly frizzy excuse for a mop and failed miserably. This is fab for a number of reasons:

1. It works, I mean it doesn't create curls which would be amazing, but it helps define what I've already got; a cross between very curly at the bottom and wavy on top.

2. You apply a good amount (2-3 pumps does the trick) to wet hair and diffuse dry, and it has no sticky or heavy mess in your hair once it's dry.

3. And this is the best reason: it smells like Skittles. It is by the far the best smelling product actually EVER! And the smell stays when dry too. Combine it with the Foxy Curls Shampoo/Conditioner and you have an almighty whiff of gorgeousness emanating from your head. Who needs pheromones when you can have Skittles?!

Now, depending on how good the place you live is, you would find Tigi in hair salons, like in my good old home town, or if you're in a super-duper city you probably get Tigi in big stores like I don't know what as I don't live in a city. I would have recommended eBay but seems since my purchase the seller has gone a bit bad right past their use by date, feedback nicht gud although mine was fab service and price, so I recommend They sell all sorts of salon brands including the much hyped and blogged about Phyto, at discounted prices.

RRP for TFCCC (couldn't be narfed to type it out again) is £10.95 for 200g bottle but they are selling it for just £6.57...BARGAIN!

Out of interest, my second choice that I use for work, saving TFCCC for special is Charles Worthington Curl Definition Creme which doesn't smell like Skittles but I get clubcard points, maybe only 3 though....

Overall verdict: 4/5 (1 deducted for not creating curls)


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  1. I love love love tigi stuff!!! (Although I use the straightening rather than curling stuff) jasonshankey sell it for £6.30 and you get points from then too.

    I've bought things from them before and their customer services are fab. I've also seen it in cheap-o stores like TJ Hughes a few times before Xxx


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