Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Obscure review of the (unspecified period of time): Dolly Bow Bow

Yes it's that time again for an obscure review that's not technically make up/beauty relates (yes I know this is first of its kind...)

Just a quick mention for a new online homemade jewellery company

From the website: "Dolly Bow Bow is a new online boutique, with a focus on all things gorgeous and girlie. Whether you like to hint at vintage chic or you like to be dressed head to toe in girlie glamour, we have something to suit you.

All items are hand made with love by Katie Murnane. The first collection of jewellery and accessories were inspired by her love of all things vintage, quirky and kitsch. Many of the items are one offs, and have been created with charms, fabrics and trinkets from various places shes discovered on her travels. So you'll know you have something unique."

I ordered two necklaces and a bracelet:

Lovebirds and heart charm measures 25mm x 15mm. Gold tone"Love" slogan charm meaures: 30mm x 10mm approx. For both choose from an 18" or 24" chain, £5.99/£6.99 respectively. Both items are gold plated. Peach rope bracelet with a gold tone lobster clasp. Comes complete with a pretty gold tone bow charm measures 15mm x 10mm approx, 6" or 7" wide bracelet, but you can even contact them for custom size bracelets. Bracelet is £6. I got the 18in necklaces and the 6in bracelet which I must say is snug around my wrist so if you do order do the intelligent thing I didn't do and measure your wrist beforehand.

Shipping in the UK is free, international is available and was quick too.The nicest bit other than bargain kitsch jewellery was the way it was packaged: in a nice padded envelope wrapped in pink tissue paper and each item in it's own fushia gift bag with silver star sequins for company :o)

The only niggle I have is that the clasp on the necklaces are the wrong way around: clasp is usually on the right with hook on the left, DBB are the other way around which not being used to can make it a bit fiddly.

Dolly Bow Bow also do rings, earrings and hair accessories with clothing, gifts and 'vintage finds' coming soon on their website.

Overall I was very impressed, especially by the surprise packaging. Don't be too disappointed if the quality isn't fantastic, such as being plated metal, but hey it's cheap and cheerful and looks fab so shut yer whinaarn (I'm west country) :o)

I bought these items with my own money on my own accord, I am not affiliated with Dolly Bow Bow and was not paid nor asked to review. This is all my own garble and random thinking.

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