Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Hair Styling Top 5 products: No 5

Just to show I'm not all about the face, I'm going to do a countdown of my current top 5 favourite Hair Styling Products.

At 5 is John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Texture Paste. You get 75g of product in a little screw lid tub. The product itself is a very thick cream, not surprisingly has a paste-like texture! As with most John Frieda products, this has a pleasant fragrance to it, and it is white in colour.

I have shoulder length hair and use a pea-sized amount which is more than enough. When I have my natural curly hair on the loose, I rub the paste between my hands to warm it up, then scrunch it into my hair where I want the body. Be warned: too much will cause stickiness! If you are unsure on how much to use, start of small and build up, better too much than too little. I set it with a hairspray and find that my hair has body throughout the day.

When I use it on straight hair, I use even less and work it between my fingertips, then gently into my roots for that extra lift. Try not to apply directly on top of your head where your roots are visible, as you may find it makes it look greasy.

Tip: Once all the product is worked in and you have a trace amount on your hands, it works great to control irritating fly-aways (you spend all that time making it look all nice and those pesky little ends just drift around like feelers...)

Overall I think it's a great product, and works best when you have used thickening/volumising products it works even better (and yes, one of my shampoo/conditioner sets is the JF Luxurious Volume line!). I paid about £4.50 for this from Superdrug a couple of months ago, which I think is pretty good value as you don't use much so it lasts quite a while.

Verdict: 3.5/5

If you want to see the JF description of the product, here's the link: http://www.johnfrieda.co.uk/products_luxurious_volume_style_thickening_paste.asp

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