Monday, 24 May 2010

Review: ELF Large Makeup Collection

I am obsessed with ELF, it's true. I recently counted all the items I currently own and it's about 140. Oops. But I don't care, when makeup is this good at such a bargain price how can I resist?

I acquired for my birthday the Studio range Large Makeup Collection consisting of a whopping 141 pieces. It comes in slick black packaging with the same clear tile windows as the medium set.

Look o_o.... isn't it beautiful....

It's broken down to 84 eyeshadow shades....

36 lipglosses and 6 blushes...

And 4 bronzers, 4 concealers, 4 shimmer cream shades, 1 mini face brush, 1 mini lip brush and 1 mini duo sponge applicator....

The eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers are a combination of matte and shimmery. It is the bottom right bronzer which is best used as a countourer, and the top left as a highlighter.

All the powders are finely milled and pigmented; even though the eyeshadow pans are small there are so many it would take a while to hit metal. The bronzers are not too dissimilar from the Studio Golden Bronzer set (which I have). The 4 concealers are just like the Studio Corrective Concealer palette.

(I would have swatched, but there are rather a lot, so if anyone would like to see any particular shades, please comment below and I will be more than happy to oblige :o)...)

I would say though that the brushes are lacking considering how many products you get and not as good as the standard Studio brushes which is a real shame. The lip brush is good, but as above, the eyeshadow applicator is a duel end sponge applicator and I personally prefer a brush for powder, but it would work well with the cream eyeshadows I suppose, personal preference.

I die and go to heaven every time I whip this little beaut out. If anyone is starting out with makeup, this is the perfect set to get you going. Hell if you just adore make up and ELF it's brill too.

You can buy this item for £35 - thats around 25p per piece... erm, BARGAIN!!


Overall, I would rate this kit as a gazillion out of a gazillion.

It is just makeup lushness.

Does anyone else have this set? What are your thoughts?


  1. Tis bootilicious!Me like =)

  2. Hi, i just nominated your great blog for The Sweet Blog award, you can find instructions how to accept the award on my blog. :-) Enjoy day! xxx, Jelena

  3. Hi there! wow i agree with you ELF is FAB! with a cpital F! hahaha hope you could follow my blog too. Im a new follower of yours


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