Friday, 7 January 2011

Boots Haul

Just realised that I haven't said Happy New Year yet, so Happy New Year everyone!!!

I got a £20 Boots giftcard for Xmas from my step-dad and I just couldn't decide what to spend it on. I knew I needed to replace my foundations (yes plural, I mix them)

So off I hopped, with an extra £10 in my purse from some jeans I returned to Next.

God I love that place. I spend aaaaages browsing, doing that irritating look at the same stand 3 times thing.

Then I toddled over to the left over Xmas gifts. Now the 3 for 2 doesn't run afterwards. Booo. Instead everything is half price. Whey!!!!

I had bought Fearne Cotton stuff before Xmas (and subsequently returned - see below post) so I went to see what was available. All the nail varnish kits had gone, but there were lots of the Lip gloss sets. I picked up and 8pc 'Gloss It Over' set for £5. There is a nice selection of brown, red and pinks in there.

I also got a No7 gift set - now only £7.50! You get 3 trio shadow palettes with different designs and themes (Cappucino, Twilight and By The Sea), two Amazing Eye Pencils in Brown and Black and an Intense Volume Mascara in Black. Cannot wait to try these bad boys out!! 

I also picked up a Bourjois blush in Rose - very lovely colour, very pink and shimmery with a coral undertone. I'd do a swatch but it'd be pointless. I use my phone to take pics and it does not give justice to any colour :(

I'd heard great things about the Collection 200 Lasting Perfection Concealer, so I picked one up in tone 2 Light. Now it says it lasts up to 16hrs and is transfer resistant. Well I must have got the duff one. Does not last, does transfer. I wore it for work and by my break I was reapplying, and it had caked, even though it was applied very lightly. I'll give it another few chances, but so far I'm not dumbstruck by it.

Lastly, my foundations. The best combo I have tried. Revlon ColorStay in 150 Buff (I am currently cursing looking at the bottle realising I've picked up Normal/Dry rather than combination, grr) and Bourjois Healthy Mix in 51. The longevity of CS with the freshness and glow of HM is heavenly on my skin. And that bloomin lasts!!

Anywho, those of you on the ball probably worked out this all cost more than £30. I only went over by £9. Whoop!! I could have bought so much more!!

Well mini shopping trip haul thing done :)

Jaynee x x

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  1. I love the bourjois purchases.I've been planning to buy the foundation, but I was hesitant.Is it good? (coverage wise)
    Can't wait to see reviews of all of them!


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