Friday, 7 January 2011

Boots Voucher is back!!!

Oh yes, by far one of the best high street promotions is back:

The freebie Boots £5 No7 and Ruby&Millie voucher (and £5 eye test)

Now, if you live in a cave and don't know why these are so great then Jayne will tell you. You get it free when you buy something in Boots. Anything, and as far as I'm aware there is no minimum spend, you just get it at the till with whatever you've bought.

You then have £5 to spend on No7 and Ruby&Millie!!

Best thing, use it before the expiry date - these are 30th Jan - and you'll get yourself another.


At the moment there is 3 for 2 on No7 stuff... so get something for free and £5 off. Wow.

3 for 2 on selected No7


Jaynee x x


  1. OMG 3 for 2, even better! :D thanks love for posting this, got my eye on a lipliner, lippy + stock up on my favey cleanser n__n x x x

  2. No problem ;) I use the Beautifully Balanced range, I ran out before Xmas and my skin went on strike and I had loads of breakouts having to use other products! Bless my mum, she got me some in my 'sack' at Xmas (she does a gift bag of beauty stuff like cotton pads, lip balm, body butter, nail file - it's great!!) but she got the wrong one, got the normal/dry skin stuff. Dur!


  3. Ooooh thanks for the heads up! x

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