Sunday, 12 December 2010

Diary of a Spendaholic: Part 2

Morning all.

So it's 5am and I'm at work (in my break folks, don't worry), and I've just taken a perusal at my Bank Account. And it was painful.

Following my last post about spending I (think) I mentioned that I made the decision to give my debit card to my boyfriend. Well this worked brilliant saving me around £150-£200 thus keeping me out of my overdraft. However, I then needed my card for a few days as I had a few Xmas bits to get for the boyfriend and had to take my broom broom to the garage.

BIG mistake.

It was far too soon to be let out alone with it. In two days I spent over £250 (including car stuff but still). This was on various lovely things like some Lush Cosmetics and some Christmassy bits in Wilko's. And the unnecessary whopper, 3 for 2 on Fearne Cotton @ Boots. There is a deal whereby the Hat Box is on offer from £40 to £26.99 and is still included on the 3 for 2. So I got that and the two nail polish sets. The word whoops springs to mind. I also made an order from ELF which I didn't need and had actually lied about (I was uber jealous I got no freebies - how lame?!)

Boyfriend went slightly, nay very mad and I subsequently felt like crud all guilty and ashamed. I realised I never actually wanted the stuff I got. Then the epiphany came.

I seem to be addicted to browsing, choosing, queuing and PIN entering. Getting that bag and the receipt is a WOW feeling for me, regardless of what I'm buying.

I have now returned all the Fearne stuff (they took the points back too, narf), and have also paid to return the ELF stuff therefore wasting money on delivery and return. Other things like the Lush and Wilko's I kept.

It is still really difficult, especially when there is so much I think I want. I am ashamed I lied to my boyfriend. I am ashamed I bought when I knew I shouldn't and I'm ashamed that this is so silly and pathetic.


Simple eh...?

Jaynee x x

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  1. Aww Jaynee I think you're doing really well actually! We all slip once in a while & feel awful, so don't beat yourself up over it! Also, it's Christmas time, everyone spends way too much and it's a really stressful time of year!

    Good luck with it (I think you're doing sooo well!!) and you can still give yourself a small treat once in a while! Xxx


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