Tuesday, 2 March 2010

New elf yumminess

My Elf order I got today, from left to right..

Shimmering Facial Whip - Golden Peach £1.50 http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/product~prodID~71.htm

Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder - Luminance £1.50 http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/product~prodID~29.htm

Duo Eye Shadow Cream - Sugar Cookie £1.50 http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/product~prodID~67.htm

Duo Eye Shadow Cream - Coffee & Cream £1.50 http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/product~prodID~67.htm

New Moisture Care Lip Color - Caramel Candy £1.50 http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/product~prodID~22.htm

Plumping Lip Glaze - Oasis £1.50 http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/product~prodID~20.htm

Liquid Eyeshadow - Berrylicious £1.50 http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/product~prodID~151.htm

Mineral Eyeshadow - Sweet £3.00 http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/product~prodID~81.htm

Studio Cream Eyeliner - Midnight £3.50 http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/product~prodID~179.htm

If anyone would like to see swatches for any of these items, just comment below :o)

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