Sunday, 28 February 2010

Elf Flirty Eyelashes

Again, another c&p job from the elf Facebook fan page which I did the other day...

I have seen some people mention before they can't see from the images online what the pack of two flirty eyelashes look like. Here I'm wearing, quite obviously, the glittery pair which I love and if I had the guts I would so wear to work because I love the glam! Unfortunately, the elf glue if pretty pants (sorry guys) so I used one of my many Eylure adhesive as my Duo ran out (grr).

And heres a whoop! for the sparkle on camera, oh yes, love it love it love it ♥
Flirty Eyelashes are £3 and are described on the website as follows "Flirty Eyelash Duo Palette (pink box) consists of one set of 'Dramatic' lashes (black) and one set of 'Diamond' lashes (black), the ultimate party lashes, complete with gorgeous little sparkles!)" and can be purchased from


  1. After I saw your review on e.l.f.s FB-page I just had to order a pait of these Flirty Eyelashes... Just looks FANTASTIC! Me like!

  2. They look so glamorous!!!! :D


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